Spring time is in full effect here in Providence, RI!

The first half of the year has proven to be quite busy. Just within the past month, I finished up my spring semester and moved my entire apartment to the East Side of Providence, RI.


Yep, you heard that right! My month off in between classes was no cake walk. I traded in my solo apartment in Pawtucket, RI and took a leap to the city. During the transition, I also took a hard look at the 2018 goals I set up for myself. I realized I’ve already completed roughly 65% of them and it’s not even the end of May! To say i’m exhausted is an understatement.

So, whats up next?

As I start to look at the second half of the year, I’m beyond excited to see what’s in store.

Next week, I’ll be starting an Advanced Instructional Design course (my last class to complete my Workplace eLearning and Performance Support certificate with Boise State)! The class will focus on incorporating user experience practices like journey mapping, personas, and prototyping into the learning design process. If it sounds right up my alley, thats because it is! The past 8 months have been a huge transition to my LXD role, so i’m excited to learn more about theories and gain more confidence in the work that i’m doing.

Another focus for the coming months will be slowing down, reflecting, and creating. I hope to redesign my personal website, write more, and do all the artsy stuff I used to have more time for.

So heres to a rocking start to 2018. I can’t wait to see where we all end up in the next few months!

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