5 Essential Books on Mindful Leadership

Leading individuals and teams is one of the most challenging roles we take on. The complexity, pace, and constant demand for our attention can make us feel disconnected and overwhelmed. Mindful leadership is all about bringing presence, focus, clarity, and compassion to ourselves as well as the people we lead.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 books from experts in mindful leadership to help you build your own path to success. I hope you use this list to support your learning goals or inspire new ones.

Co-Active Leadership: 5 Ways to Lead by Karen Kimsey-House and Henry Kimsey-House

Most leadership frameworks are one dimensional. Through this groundbreaking book, we’re introduced to a fluid and holistic framework that leaders can use no matter what situation or environment.

Finding the Space to Lead: A Practice Guide to Mindful Leadership

Janice Marturano’s book is not a new “leadership system” to add to the burden of already overworked leaders. She shows leaders how to easily introduce concepts of mindfulness into our everyday life.

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships by Marshall B. Rosenberg

Workplaces can often be filled with judgement, blame, criticism, and defensiveness. Rosenberg’s non-violent framework introduces us how to integrate consciousness, language, communication, and means of influence in how we connect with others.

Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World by Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall

In this provocative and inspiring book, Buckingham and Goodall examine the lies and assumptions that often govern how we show up at work. They reveal essential truths around purpose, meaning, cohesiveness and connection at work.

A Culture of Safety: Building an Environment for People to Think, Experiment, and Innovate by Alla Weinberg

While leaders know that a culture of safety is important, most don’t know how to go about creating one. Weinberg’s book provides practical tools for leaders to create a culture of safety with their teams and organizations.

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