What is coaching?

Coaching is different from mentoring or consulting. The differences are subtle but distinct.

A coach is like having a guide in your corner helping you uncover blockers, get unstuck, and thrive. Coaches operate under the mindset that everyone is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Our energy is spent in service of our clients. This means that you are the true expert of your life. Coaches use tools like creating a container of safe space, asking powerful questions, and active listening to help evoke transformation for our clients.

In other techniques, like consulting or mentoring, energy is spent in service of the problem. A business may hire a consultant to investigate a specific problem and provide specific actions that a business or individual can take to solve it. An individual may have a mentor in order to learn specific knowledge, skills, or experiences.

Consultant is the expert hired to investigate, solve a specific problem, and give the client specific actions to take to resolve itMentor share knowledge, skills, or experience to help someone else develop and grow.Coach holds a container of space and enables the client to find wisdom inside of themselves

Why try coaching?

People often seek out coaching because they want a champion in their corner to help them achieve their goals. Whether its getting unstuck, finding balance or fulfillment, a coach can help.

Oftentimes, people arrive at coaching because something “feels off” or they may feel uncertain about the future. A person may feel unfulfilled or blocked in some way. A coach can help the client uncover what is holding them back, whether that’s lack of confidence, motivation, support or more.

For example, a coach can help if:

  • You aren’t sure what’s next for you in life
  • You’re facing a life transition (transitioning into a new role, becoming a new mom, moving, etc.)
  • You want to become a better manager
  • You want to become more confident
  • You need more focus
  • You want better time management
  • You feel blocked or stuck
  • You’re fearful of putting yourself out there
  • You don’t think you’re good enough

Ready to learn more?

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