Member Stories: Carolina & Nathalia

The truth is, there is no other person on the planet who has had the exact same experiences as you. You are unique, and so is your career. This can be extremely empowering, because the sky’s the limit!

You can chart your path and define what success looks like on your own personal career journey. It can also feel incredibly daunting. Where do you look, when the next right step isn’t so clear?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your career, know that you’re not alone. I’ve been there.

Why coaching and mentorship matters

I entered my first coaching relationship over 13 years ago and didn’t even realize it at first. Wendy was my first manager at an undergrad job at Rochester Institute of Technology. She always had this uncanny ability to ask the most thoughtful questions. It wasn’t until I landed a job after college that I became more familiar with what coaching actually was. I was working full time and my boss had a PhD in positive psychology. I noticed similar characteristics: he would ask really thoughtful questions, champion me, and acknowledge my experiences. 

Having someone to create a container of safe space for me, thoughtfully listen and allow me to connect to my own unique wisdom was so powerful.  These relationships ended up painting the backdrop of my career.  They have propelled me to name my inner critic, overcome blocks, and build a more fulfilled life and career for myself.

Coaching has become such a powerful tool in my life that I decided to become a coach so that I could support others in creating the lives they always imagined for themselves.

I’ve been really fortunate to work with some amazing design leaders as they discover their path to finding fulfilling careers!

Meet Carolina

I met Carolina when she was a Customer Success Associate. She knew she wanted to make a pivot into UX but knew it was a hard field to break into. 

We worked together to create a plan to skill up in different areas, create a portfolio that bridged her experience gap, and apply to jobs successfully. 

She ended up getting hired at the first company she applied to! 2 years later, she is a Designer working at an Enterprise company and loves her role.

“Roberta has a rare skill set at the intersection of robust knowledge, excellence in teaching, and generosity of time. Her expertise is rooted in deep training and real-world application, and she is incredible at meeting other people where they are, conveying concepts and information in a way that makes sense. She also has a wonderful, inspiring way of bringing mindfulness into her practice – something that helped me shed the stress of what I was trying to achieve, and focus on achieving it.”

Carolina McGarity, Product Designer @ Axio

Meet Nathalia

Nathalia was working as a Product Designer when we first met.

She has always been goal oriented and driven. When we started working together, she was looking to discover the next right step in her career.

We worked together to explore her values and craft a vision on what would leave her most fulfilled at work. Since then she has been applying the strategies to lead creative work within her wider team. Most recently she was promoted to Senior Product Designer on the User Interviews team!

“Roberta is an empathetic and great listener who has a way of unpacking my, sometimes, tangled thoughts in a way that points to a meaningful direction. She has provided me with resources and tactics I need to pursue my goals and my life in a healthy, growth-oriented manner. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor; the lessons she provided have inspired me to live a life that’s more aligned to my values and passions.”

Nathalia Kasman, Senior Product Designer @ User Interviews

Are you looking for ways to level up your career?

Work one-on-one with a coach and transform the way you live, learn, and work. Get the support you need to build your most authentic and sustainable life.

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