Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises by paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. – John Kabat-Zinn

The demands of today mean that many of us get caught up in a sense of urgency with everything we have to do. If we’re not careful this can often lead to states of chronic tension, anxiety, and distraction.

Mindfulness is a gateway to being more present with the unfolding of our everyday lives. It can help us to lead our lives with greater balance, ease, and joy.

I currently offer classes, corporate, and private mindfulness sessions.

Client Testimonials

Sessions with Roberta are a true gift! She creates a safe space for tapping into the self and exploring the beauty and joy that meditation/mindfulness can bring to each moment.

Tabitha, Support Lead

My mindfulness check ins with Roberta have always been calming and therapeutic. She has great attention to detail and the sessions are well thought out. I always leave feeling better and more in tune with myself.

Taylor, Project Manager

Roberta’s mindfulness sessions are wonderful! It’s encouraged me to always take some time for my own wellness during the work day. Having time with your co-workers once a week can make an impact on your headspace.

Lily, Research Operations Manager