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About edX: edX is an online learning platform that provides 7 million+ learners monthly access to 2500+ courses from today’s top institutions and universities.

The Challenge: edX team members who are unsure who edX learners are and how they differ across product lines need to search for resources to educate themselves and their team on learner characteristics so they can create solutions that are relevant, personalized, and meaningful to their customers.

My Role: Throughout this multi-phase research project, I drove the research strategy and managed a cross-functional group of 8 stakeholders from product, user experience, and marketing aimed at gaining a baseline understanding of edX’s core customers needs, motivations, and behaviors. 


Assumptions Based Journey Map

To help narrow our focus, our team prioritized the creation of assumptions based journey maps for edX’s top 2 product lines: MicroMasters and MicroBachelors. 

Research Review

After our ideation sessions, each member of the team was asked to review previous research (surveys and user feedback) from their current domain and bring back data that validated 1) what we were confident about in these learner journeys and 2) what we needed to learn more about related to our customer’s learning journey’s.

These ideation sessions and research reviews helped the group narrow our research questions and hypotheses around our customers learning journeys.

Key Research Questions


Learner Interviews

Armed with our core research questions and hypotheses, our team began conducting interviews with learners from edX’s top 2 product lines. During the interview sessions, the team co-created experience maps with learners as they described their learning journeys with edX. 


I led the group in synthesizing our findings from customer interviews. For each study, we created a number of artifacts including: synthesis presentation, highlight reels, learning journey maps, and recommendations related to each product line.

History Repeating Itself

The group continued this iterative discovery process for the remainder of edX’s core B2C and B2B product lines; conducting 8 research studies in total.


Using data collected throughout these multi-phase research projects, I put together a set of 13 core customer personas for each of edX’s core B2C and B2B product offerings.

As a result of the process of creating personas, the edX team had a greater understanding of their customers needs and how they differ across the various product lines. The personas will help the edX keep their customers in mind when designing solutions for them.