Project Description

Produtivv (Pseudonym) developed messaging to be delivered via chatbot aimed at reinforcing learning content from a coaching program.
My Role

As the Lead Learning Experience Designer, I led the learning experience design and development of this project.

About Company

Productivv (psudeunom) is a fully remote organization that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use.

The Challenge

After piloting a 4-week, Coaching for Performance workshop through 3 cohort cycles, the learning team at Productivv received feedback from learners about their inability to remember and apply their coaching training when they returned to the job.

The Opportunity

Productivv investigated opportunities to support workshop attendee’s ability to remember and apply their coaching training when on the job.


Performance Definition

As the Lead Learning Experience Designer, my first step was to better understand the performance problem taking place. I conducted a rapid performance analysis that focused on the following questions:

  • Who is the audience? What is the location and population size?
  • What are their demographic factors?
  • What level of knowledge do they possess?
  • What is their work environment like? What are their attitudes towards training and learning?
  • What performance is taking place?

The primary audience were managers with direct reports inside of Productivv.

Goals and Objectives

After I had a better understanding of the performance problem, I reviewed existing course materials from the Coaching to Performance workshop and GROW Coaching Framework to gain additional understanding of the course objectives and content.

After attending the Coaching to Performance workshop, attendees should be able to:

  • Recognize opportunities to coach others in their work life
  • Ask open-ended questions and demonstrate active listening techniques
  • Use the GROW model to structure meaningful coaching conversations

With the workshop goals in mind, I quickly began to align around the following opportunity areas:

  • How might we assist learners in remembering and applying what they learned when they return to the job?
  • How might we highlight the most important information to reinforce to learners?
  • How might we propel learners to action?


I utilized best practices related to cognitive load theory, content chunking, and the forgetting curve to identify what pertinent information would be relevant for learners.

Due to Productivv being a fully remote company, I chose to structure content in the form of 3 reinforcement messages that would be delivered via Slack chatbot during a 3 week time period (one message per week). I chose this format so that each message would correspond to a single learning objective from the original Coaching to Performance workshop.

I structured the messages in the form of tooltips so learners would be able to easily apply them on the job. My vision is that the learners would be able to interact with the chatbot and discuss their experiences using the techniques during employee interactions.

Additionally, I also incorporated some references to Mindful Leadership practices to help enforce the influence that self awareness plays into coaching interactions between employees and their managers.