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Project Background

Resolving Workplace Conflict is a 7-minute eLearning module that I worked on while completing my Workplace eLearning and Performance Support Certificate with Boise State University.
My Role

As the Lead Learning Experience Designer, I led all learning design and development on this project.

The Objective

The goal of the project was to create a short scenario-based interactive eLearning module on a topic of our choice. Due to my interest in leadership development, I chose a topic on how to resolve workplace conflicts.


The target audience for the eLearning module were managers inside of small to medium-size businesses. My process involved, creating a learning course blueprint that outlined the audience, learning outcomes, and objectives for the module. I then moved onto creating a storyboard and prototype of the module.

The Outcome

The outcome was the creation of a 7-minute eLearning module focused on resolving workplace conflicts. The course begins with a case study around workplace conflict. It then introduces the learners to tactics and techniques on resolving the conflict and returns to the case study so that the learner can apply what they learned throughout the lesson.