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Project Background

The Predictive Index Hiring Playbook is a resource site containing tools to help PI’s customers feel more confident when interviewing candidates.
My Role

As Lead Learning Experience Designer, I led the learning experience strategy, design, and development of the website.

About The Predictive Index: The Predictive Index is a talent optimization company that businesses use to hire, inspire, and retain talent inside of their organizations. Company’s utilize PI’s software platform to administer and interpret the results of their workplace assessments.

The Challenge

During Spring 2018, The Predictive Index conducted discovery research around how the company could support its customers during their recruitment strategies. During interviews, customers described their lack of confidence while recruiting and hiring new talent inside of their organizations.

The Opportunity

The Predictive Index had a chance to to provide recruiters and hiring managers with support resources that aligned with the release of new software features around recruitment.

The Approach

I created a group of stakeholders from product, product marketing, and learning that I collaborated with on the project. The group decided to center the site around three stages of the hiring process: preparing, conducting and evaluating interviews. From there, we developed learning resources aligned with each step of the hiring process. I created a prototype of the website that included site content, graphics, and overall look and feel of the site.  Finally, we conducted prototype testing with users and iterated the site based on feedback.

The Outcome

The Hiring Playbook is an external resource site to help recruiters and hiring managers with tips and tricks on how to get started interviewing talent more quickly and confidently.

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