Project Background
The Predictive Index created a software onboarding experience to support its customers as they transitioned onto its new platform.
My Role
As Lead Learning Experience Designer, I led the strategy, design, and development of a software onboarding experience. 

About The Predictive Index: The Predictive Index is a talent optimization company that businesses use to hire, inspire, and retain talent inside of their organizations. Company’s utilize PI’s software platform to administer and interpret the results of their workplace assessments.

The Challenge

During 2017, the company did a significant redesign for its user base. Due to the size of the release, it had the potential to increase the number of questions coming into the company’s help desk. The Predictive Index had a chance to support its customers as they transitioned onto the new software platform.


I created a group of stakeholders from product, product marketing, support, and customer success that I collaborated with on the project. The group decided to create an in-product onboarding experience to help support its users with the transition. We chose to target 2 different user groups: existing and new users of the platform. From there, we decided vital features and functionality to highlight for both audiences. I went on to create a prototype of the onboarding experience that included step by step content and graphics. 


The final onboarding experience included a welcome modal and getting started checklist consisting of 10 targeted in-product tours introducing users to key product features and functionality.