Project Description
The Role IQ team at Pluralsight developed a B2B analytics experience to help leaders gather insights about their employee’s technology skill development.
My Role
I led the research and discovery on this project along with my UX Designer. The findings were used to inform product development of the product.

About Pluralsight: Pluralsight is an online technology learning platform for technology professionals.

The Opportunity

After releasing the B2B version of the assessment production, Role IQ, leaders indicated their desire to gather insights about their employee’s technology skill development so they could help them to grow quickly and efficiently in their role. The team had to balance providing leaders with insights while guarding against possible misuse of employee’s assessment scores.

When starting this project, the team had two key question areas:

  • What insights do technology leaders on enterprise plans want to see about learners on their plan?
  • Is there any part of the Role IQ analytics experience that is confusing to technology leaders?

Mixed Methods Approach

The team used a mixed-methods approach that included: reviewing existing discovery research, prototyping, and customer preference testing.

Prototyping: The team’s UX Designer, Kira Maclean, took insights from discovery research and mocked up high fidelity prototypes of an enterprise version of the Role IQ analytics experience.

Customer Preference Testing: The team took the prototype and tested it with six technology leaders. The leaders expressed confusion about some of the visualizations and expressed their desire to see more in-depth insights into the learner’s assessment results.

We iterated our designs based on user feedback. We removed some visualizations and provided aggregate level metrics so leaders could get access to more in-depth insights into their employees.

The Outcome

After finalizing our designs, I led the team through the implementation of the analytics experience. As of March 2019, technology leaders can interpret insights of learners from their organization who engage with Role IQ.