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Project Description

During Fall 2017, The Predictive Index was looking to expand its product offerings to include in-product digital learning experiences.
My Role

As Lead Learning Experience Designer, I conducted discovery and strategy research to identify potential opportunity areas related to this product space.

About The Predictive Index: The Predictive Index is a talent optimization company that businesses use to hire, inspire, and retain talent inside of their organizations. 


I conducted customer interviews to gain insight into users’ motivations, pain points, and identify opportunity areas for the product. I also led brainstorming sessions with internal stakeholders to determine where learning experience design fits within the whole product vision.


The result was the creation of a mission statement as well as a rollout strategy for how The Predictive Index intended to deliver delightful digital learning experiences to their customers. As of early 2018, multiple learning experiences have been live and contributing to the whole product vision of the company (SaaS + eLearning + Workshops + Consulting).

Learning Experience Brainstorm (Know, Do, Feel)
Learning Experience Mission Statement