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Project Background
PI Catalyst is a self-service knowledge center that customers of The Predictive Index use to answer questions about the company’s software platform.
My Role
As Performance Support Manager, I led the design and development of 75+ articles in PI Catalyst.

About The Predictive Index: The Predictive Index (PI) is a talent optimization company that helps businesses use to hire, inspire, and retain talent inside of their organizations. Company’s utilize PI’s software platform to administer and interpret the results of their workplace assessments.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of their hiring initiatives, PI’s customers can be inactive on their platform for weeks and months at a time. Upon returning, customers often forget how to perform tasks and are frustrated by new features and functionality.

The Opportunity

The Predictive Index had a chance to develop a help center that enables customers to self-service any questions they had about The Predictive Index software product.

The Outcome

Working along with the product, customer success, and support teams, I created and managed the software’s help center consisting of 75+ help articles containing how to’s and best practices.