Custom learning design and development

Already have a learning experience in mind and need help to bring it to life? 

We’ll work with you to create learning content and develop the best delivery method to meet the needs of your learners and organization.

Sample custom learning and design development include:

  • eLearning storyboarding and development
  • Learning blueprints and plans
  • Workshop materials development

Custom Learning Design and Development Process:

  • Needs Assessment
    • We’ll start with a kick-off meeting to determine your needs and goals. This will help us scope the project and determine how we’ll work together.
  • Draft learning content
    • If you don’t already have learning content, we will work with you to create some. Whether its a storyboard for a video or course blueprint, we’ve got you covered.
  • Prototype experience
    • After you’ve approved the learning content, we’ll work to develop a prototype of the learning solution. The prototype will give you a sense of the look and feel. We’ll incorporate any feedback or edits and develop the rest of the content.
  • Review 
    • Before we finish our work together, you’ll get an opportunity to review the learning solution and make sure everything meets your satisfaction. 
  • Delivery
    • After a final quality check is conducted, the learning solution is then packaged and delivered to you.