Leadership can be stressful. The uncertainty, pace, and constant demand for our attention can make us feel disconnected and overwhelmed. Mindful leadership is all about building presence, clarity, focus, and compassion to ourselves as well as the people we lead.

I currently offer private and public workshops around mindful leadership.


What people are saying

I loved Roberta’s vibe through the whole course, I really felt like I would have enjoyed picking Roberta’s brain for the whole session. I could feel a lot of genuine passion and it really had me listening upright in my seat.

“Sessions with Roberta are a true gift! She creates a safe space for tapping into the self and exploring the beauty and joy that meditation/mindfulness can bring to each moment.”

” My mindfulness check ins with Roberta have always been calming and therapeutic. She has great attention to detail and the sessions are well thought out. I always leave feeling better and more in tune with myself. “

Roberta’s mindfulness sessions are wonderful! It’s encouraged me to always take some time for my own wellness during the work day. Having time with your co-workers once a week can make an impact on your headspace.