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“Roberta has an uncanny talent for helping people look within to find their own truths and areas of growth. I feel like in the short time we spent together, I grew 10x and clearly saw the path towards the person that I wanted to become. Roberta’s insightful and embodied coaching style has helped me become a better leader, and a better human.”

Michael Restiano, Senior Manager Content Design at Instacart

“Roberta’s support was critical! She offered unconditional empathetic support, encouragement, helpful activities and practical advice—all of it holistic across my personal development and goals.”

Lawton Pybus, Senior Research Manager at User Zoom

“Professional coaching with Roberta has given me a space to openly reflect, identify growth areas, and build actionable yet approachable plans. It has helped me take the reins on what I can control in my daily work life. I’ve never felt more empowered or excited in my career”

Morgan Mullen, Senior User Researcher at User Interviews

“Roberta provided me with resources and tactics I need to pursue my goals and my life in a healthy, growth-oriented manner. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor; the lessons she provided have inspired me to live a life that’s more aligned to my values and passions.”

Nathalia Kasman, Senior Product Designer at User Interviews

“Roberta is the coach everyone wishes they had.  She is incredible at meeting other people where they are, conveying concepts and information in a way that makes sense. She also has a wonderful, inspiring way of bringing mindfulness into her practice.

– Carolina McGarity, Senior Product Designer at Delinea